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Important information concerning public access to publications

Please note the news item on the research intranet site pertaining to public access of your published research (reprinted below) at:

NIH and CIHR: A Public Access Call to Scientists

Announced on Jan 18, 2008

Earlier this month the NIH announced their "public access" mandate which will have NIH-funded investigators submit accepted manuscripts to NIH--no more than 12 months after publication--for posting in the free archive Pubmed. The policy has been in effect since May 2005 and is now required practice for all articles accepted on or after April 7, 2008.

The mandate is part of a law passed by congress in December 2007. NIH will be enforcing the mandate for those researchers electing to ignore the rule by suspending their funding and being contacted by the NIH program director.

CIHR--the Canadian research governing body--has similar regulations to be applied to all grants awarded January 1, 2008 and onward, which have received funding in whole or in part from the agency. For example, free access archives include GenBank, dbMHC, Gene Expression Omnibus, and The Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Database.

For addition information on both policies please visit and

Further information on how to deposit your publications:


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