Philippe P Monnier, MSc, MBA, PhD

Most of my research activities focus on uncovering the role of extracellular proteins in the developing and regenerating CNS. Our group has uncovered different biological functions of the RGM protein family during CNS development as well as in CNS pathologies. We have extended the analysis of i) RGMs functions in the development of the CNS (visual system) as well as in CNS pathologies (Stroke CNS), and ii) the mechanisms that regulate the biological activities of RGM proteins (cleavage, subcellular localization). Furthermore, we have developed tools that will enable the suppression of RGMa inhibitory activities. These tools (ScFv fragments, antibodies, inhibitory peptides) can be used to i) study RGMa function during the development of the visual system as well as to ii) neutralize RGMa inhibition after CNS injuries thereby promoting regeneration. The overall aim is the development of therapeutics that promote neuronal regeneration after CNS injuries.

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Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Toronto
Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Toronto