UHNs Commitment to Responsible Research Data Stewardship

UHN is committed to research excellence, open science, and public accountability by ensuring our researchers are supported through policy, processes, and support services that enable research data to be collected, secured, managed, and shared responsibly and ethically.

This requires promoting and advancing institution-wide leading practices in Research Data Management (RDM), which meet the needs of our UHN research community, align with broader institutional data governance goals, and promote adherence to the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy and other national RDM policies and standards. 


UHN Research Data Management Strategy

UHN’s Research Data Management Strategy is guided by the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) and aims to enhance institutional RDM capacity by building upon existing infrastructure, services, training, and good data management practices that:

  • Promote institutional policy, standards and leading practices in planning for data management;
  • Ensure data security through digital storage and data repository infrastructure;
  • Enable public access and data sharing and reuse by internal and external stakeholders;
  • Address key considerations in research ethics, privacy, legal and commercialization interests; and
  • Incorporate the values of community stakeholders in keeping with principles of inclusivity and equity.

Click here to review UHN’s Research Data Management Strategy [file will autodownload to browser].

Any questions or feedback regarding the UHN RDM strategy can be directed to RDM@uhn.ca.