Nizar N Mahomed, MPH, ScD, MD, FRCSC

The primary focus of research is the evaluation of process of care and outcomes of total joint arthroplasty. Residents will be given an opportunity to either develop a new study in collaboration with the research team or get involved with ongoing projects listed below:
  • Impact of rehabilitation post-total joint arthroplasty
  • Variations in regional rehabilitation services following total joint arthroplasty
  • Epidemiology of primary and revision arthroplasty
  • Determinants and impact of surgical volume on the outcomes of total joint arthroplasty; patient expectations regarding revision hip arthroplasty
  • Prospective randomized controlled trial of cemented vs. hybrid total hip arthroplasty
  • Prospective randomized controlled trial of PCL retaining vs. sacrificing total knee arthroplasty
  • Evaluations of the psychometric properties of hip rating systems
  • Determinants of outcomes following revision hip arthroplasty
  • Determinants of discharge destination post-total joint arthroplasty

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Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto
Director, Arthritis Program, University Health Network
Managing Director, Altum Health, University Health Network