Krembil Welcomes New Director

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Neuroscientist Dr. Jaideep Bains will take the reins at Krembil.
Posted On: October 02, 2022

Following an extensive international search, neuroscientist Dr. Jaideep Bains has been named the new Director of the Krembil Research Institute.

Dr. Bains joins UHN from the University of Calgary, where he served as the Scientific Director of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, a centre of excellence in brain and mental health research and education. In this role, he chaired the Institute’s Strategic Research and Innovation Committee, establishing short- and long-term research priorities and managing a multimillion-dollar annual budget.

Dr. Bains is a highly respected neuroscientist who has spent the last two decades characterizing how the neural circuits that regulate our internal states store information in response to challenges such as stress. His discoveries have advanced our understanding of how a particular population of neuron cells function in stress and how animals communicate stress through social interactions and chemical signals. He has an exceptional record of publications and funding acquisition and is a sought-after speaker worldwide.

This appointment follows the nine-year directorship of Dr. Donald Weaver, who will remain at the Krembil as a Senior Scientist researching Alzheimer disease.

“When I began my tenure as Director almost a decade ago, my goal was to foster a team-based approach to research and clinical care that would help to translate discoveries from bench to bedside,” says Dr. Weaver. “Today, I am incredibly pleased with what we have achieved.”

Dr. Bains brings a wealth of experience to the role, not only in scientific research but also in institute management and advocacy. He was selected because of his ability to foster cultures of diversity, collaboration and innovation, and to transform research organizations.

“The Krembil Research Institute is in an excellent position to become a research power internationally,” says Dr. Bains. “We will do this by building a diverse and inclusive culture of excellence, supporting individual investigators while also creating a rich environment where synergy can occur.”

“Our international search attracted a pool of exceptional candidates from around the world,” says Dr. Bradly Wouters, Executive Vice-President of Science and Research at UHN. “The interest in this position is a testament to UHN’s outstanding global reputation for research excellence, and we are extremely excited to attract someone the caliber of Dr. Bains.”