Teodor Stanescu, PhD

My research area of interest is in the R&D as well as clinical implementation of imaging-driven procedures and medical devices for highly personalized radiation cancer treatments. Over the past ten years, my research has developed adaptive radiotherapy procedures for treating conventional and MRI-guided upper gastrointestinal sites. In collaboration with industry partners and external academic sites, I have developed medical devices for enhancing imaging quality and designed a fully integrated therapy system consisting of an MRI scanner and a linear accelerator. More recently, my research has applied deep learning methodology for image synthesis to support and further develop reinforced radiotherapy adaptive methodologies. I also led the development of QuantMR, a cloud-based imaging pipeline for automated analysis and AI model deployment meant to augment the radiotherapy clinical decision process.

For a list of Dr. Stanescu's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.

Medical Physicist, Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto