Sushant Kumar

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Dr. Kumar is a Scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. He obtained his Ph.D. in bioinformatics and genomics from the Pennsylvania State University and completed his post-doctoral training at Yale University. Over the years, Dr. Kumar has extensively collaborated with various scientists and clinicians as part of large-scale genomic sequencing efforts, including the TCGA/ICGC Pan-cancer Analysis of Whole Genome (PCAWG), 1000 Genomes, ENCODE, Center for Mendelian Genomics and the Human Genome Structural Variation Consortia.

The overall goal of our research program is to contribute toward precision oncology efforts by building computational methods and tools for interpreting genomic variants, identifying clinically actionable biomarkers, and studying tumor evolution and heterogeneity. In particular, we are interested in developing computational approaches that employ genomics, biomolecular structure, and clinical data to predict drug response and their side effects among cancer patients. Similarly, our lab is working on integrating large-scale functional genomics and whole-genome sequencing data to prioritize and identify regulatory mutations that play a critical role in tumor growth. Finally, we are also developing new computational methods that utilize long-read sequencing and functional genomics data to identify and interpret genomic rearrangements in cancer accurately.

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Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto