Moumita Barua, MD

Keywords: kidney disease

My mission is to improve diagnostics and clinical outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease. The starting point of my work is to identify genetic causes which I then pursue using in vitro and in vivo models to define mechanisms. My team is working on three projects based on human genetic studies:

1. Defining mechanisms in Alport syndrome (supported by the Alport Syndrome Foundation)

2. Defining intrinsic kidney repair mechanisms (supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

3. Genome-wide association study in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

Ultimately this work will improve diagnosis and by defining the genetic basis of clinical syndromes previously labelled as idiopathic, it will have important impact on treatment decisions in the future.

For a list of Dr. Barua's publications, please visit PubMed, Scopus, Publons or ORCID.