A single neuron is a complex system whose input-output relationship is unknown. The brain and its neural systems – including billions of neurons – are incredibly more complex. The main focus of Dr. Lanakarany’s lab is to uncover information processing mechanisms of neural systems. His goal is to understand how information is represented, propagated and computed. Understanding neural information processing will result in the development of computational algorithms and engineering techniques for the optimal controlling of the functionality of neural systems. For example, closed loop neuro-stimulators can be used to adaptively intervene with the neural system of patients with neurological disorders in order to restore the normal activity.

Dr. Lankarany's approach is multidisciplinary. He uses advanced methods in computational neuroscience and engineering, as well as cutting-edge neurotechnology to uncover information processing mechanisms of neural systems, in order to treat neurological disorders and to advance biologically-inspired computational frameworks.

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