Michael Gollob, MD, FRCPC

The vision of our research program is multifaceted. The ultimate goal of our research is to enhance the care of patients with genetic-based arrhythmia disorders through clinical and precision medicine research approaches and to establish potential novel drug targets for therapeutic targeting. Our research aims are as follows:

  • Identify novel genetic contributors of arrhythmia syndromes, including atrial fibrillation, sudden death arrhythmias and brady-arrhythmias
  • Describe novel cellular physiological mechanisms contributing to arrhythmia syndromes
  • Develop experimental models of arrhythmia syndromes to delineate in vivo physiology and/or test novel drug therapies
  • Participate in international collaborative studies and clinical descriptive studies of arrhythmia cohorts
  • Translate genetic discoveries to elucidate the physiological mechanisms of abnormal cardiac rhythms in humans
  • Apply genetic information in the care of patients with inherited heart rhythm disorders

For a list of Dr. Gollob's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.