Kara Patterson, PhD

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The overall goal of Dr. Patterson's research program is to advance neurorehabilitation practice in order to improve gait and mobility outcomes for individuals living with neurological conditions and in particular stroke.

Dr. Patterson's research interests include: 1) neural control of gait and how it is affected post stroke; 2) the process of motor re-learning after post stroke and its relationship to rehabilitation; and 3) measurement and neurorehabilitation of gait.

Dr. Patterson examines walking and stroke-related impairments with a variety of clinical, behavioural and neurophysiological measures. Her ongoing work is exploring the relationship of rhythmicity of walking and the unique human ability to identify and synchronize movement to the beat in music. She is also investigating the potential for dance to improve mobility after stroke.

For a list of Dr. Patterson's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.

Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto
Scientist, Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery