Gary A Levy, BSc, MD, ARLAT, FRCPC

My research program is targeted to define mechanisms and approaches to induce a state of long-term tolerance in transplant patients. Our work grew out of the basic science in which we identified the unique Treg immunosuppressive molecule fibrinogen like protein 2 (FGL2). Through industry and academic collaborations, we have shown the relevance of fgl2 to the pathogenesis of viral disease, cancer and transplantation. We have now entered into partnership agreements to establish ELISA assays for both human and fgl2 which can be used to detect fgl2 in the plasma/serum of cancer patients and transplant patients. Industry partnerships are now examining the potential utility of an antibody to fgl2 as a cancer checkpoint inhibitor.

For a list of Dr. Levy's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.