Ewan Goligher, MD, PhD

Dr. Goligher is an Associate Professor in the Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto and a Clinician Scientist at the University Health Network. After studying biochemistry and medicine at the University of British Columbia, he training in internal medicine and critical care medicine at the University of Toronto. He subsequently earned a doctoral degree in physiology from the University of Toronto, focusing on mechanisms of diaphragmatic dysfunction during mechanical ventilation. His research program is focused on characterizing the mechanisms and impact of injury in the lung and diaphragm during mechanical ventilation, and on employing innovative clinical trial designs to test lung and diaphragm-protective ventilation strategies.

My laboratory studies the mechanisms and impact of lung and diaphragm injury during mechanical ventilation. We are specifically focused on optimizing patient-ventilator interaction to accelerate recovery and improve long-term outcome in acute respiratory failure. We employ techniques in translational science, physiology, imaging, clinical epidemiology, and Bayesian statistics to characterize the link between mechanical ventilation and outcome in acute respiratory failure. Our mission is to improve outcomes for patients around the world through innovative approaches to ventilatory support.

Dr. Goligher is currently working on the following studies:


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Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto