Dr. Mikulis is a translational researcher who has shown the ability to apply imaging methods in novel way with impact in clinical practice. Perhaps the best example of this is his contribution to stroke imaging where permeability measurement in acute ischemic has now become a very important topic being taken up as a priority by major researchers and funding agencies. It has the potential to extend the treatment window for thrombolysis (patients presenting greater than 6 hours after stroke but with normal permeability would theoretically be candidates for thrombolysis currently prohibited under current treatment protocols). He has also developed an important technology enabling quantitative measurement of cerebrovascular response that is making an impact on treatment selection in patients with cerebrovascular disease and could help to distinguish vascular from non-vascular dementia. Maturation of these tools is leading to changes in clinical practice.

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Professor and Co-Director, Department of Medical Imaging, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Professor, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto