Dr. Lang is a Professor at the University of Toronto where he holds the Jack Clark Chair for Parkinson’s Disease Research. He is the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson’s Disease and the Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Clinic and the and holds the Lily Safra Chair in Movement Disorders at the Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network. He has published over 700 peer-reviewed papers and over 100 book chapters and is one of the most highly cited investigators in the field of Movement Disorders. 

Dr. Lang has been involved in research related to Parkinson disease and other movement disorders for over 40 years. A great deal of his research involves the study of multiple facets of Parkinson disease and related movement disorders with particular focus on attempting to define disease etiology and pathogenesis, better establish natural history and more definitive diagnostic assessments, and develop effective disease-modifying and symptomatic therapies. In recent years, he has been involved in efforts to redefine Parkinson disease acknowledging the prolonged prodromal period. He has collaborated in formal calls to the field emphasizing the need to redefine the disorder and he has actively participated in the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society’s efforts to create new diagnostic criteria for Parkinson disease as well as to propose research criteria for prodromal disease. He has also been involved in the study of the 4-repeat tauopathies, Progressive Supranulear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD). He was one of the senior authors developing diagnostic criteria for CBD and he has been a member of the MDS PSP Study Group that has published new proposed diagnostic criteria for PSP. Both of these efforts acknowledged the phenotypic variability of these disorders and the need to be able to make early accurate clinical diagnoses so that patients can be enrolled in future disease-modifying therapeutic trials (e.g., with tau vaccines).

For a list of Dr. Lang's publications, please visit PubMed, Scopus or ORCID.

Officer of the Order of Canada
Lily Safra Chair in Movement Disorders, University Health Network
Director, Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson's Disease, University Health Network & University of Toronto
Jack Clark Chair for Parkinson’s Disease Research, University of Toronto
Professor, Department of Medicine and Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto