Dr. Iaboni is a geriatric psychiatrist and clinical researcher based at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network and is the Medical Lead of the Specialized Dementia Unit. She completed a doctorate as a Rhodes Scholar, followed by a research fellowship in geriatric psychiatry.

Her research interests include 1) development, evaluation, and implementation of technology for improving the safety and quality of dementia care, and 2) the impact of treatments for psychiatric illness on mobility in older adults. At present, Dr. Iaboni's research includes both clinical trials of technology for improving dementia care and pharmacoepidemiological research into psychotropic prescribing practices.

Current projects:

  1. Computer vision for monitoring falls risk, health status and the side effects of psychotropic medications in older adults with dementia
  2. Wearable and environmental sensors for detecting patterns of responsive behaviours in dementia
  3. The use of real-time locating systems in long-term care for health and behaviour monitoring
  4. The validation of a mobility staging tool for guiding care decisions in people with advanced dementia
  5. The use of artificial intelligence for monitoring quality of care in long-term care

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For a list of Dr. Iaboni's publications, please visit PubMed, Scopus or ORCID.

Medical Lead, Seniors Mental Health Program and Specialized Dementia Unit, UHN
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Faculty member, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto