Amit M Oza, BSc, MD, MBBS, FRCPC

Dr. Amit Oza is Head of the Division of Medical Oncology & Hematology, and Medical Director of the Cancer Clinical Research Unit at Princess Margaret (PM) Cancer Centre. He is also co-Director of the Drug Development Program at PM Cancer Centre, Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, and Professor of Medicine at University of Toronto. Dr. Oza has been PI and co-investigator in >100 phase I, II and III trials for gynecological cancer and advanced colorectal malignancies. He is the past co-chair of the National Cancer Institute Gynecologic Cancer Steering Committee, and Executive Member of the international Gynecologic Cancer InterGroup. Under his direction, the gynecology group is one of the largest ovarian cancer (OC) clinical trials groups consistently accruing >30% of all patients seen onto clinical trials (>120/yr) at PM Cancer Centre. Under his direction the group has participated or led seminal studies in gynecologic cancers that have led to the approval or use of targeted agents such as PARP inhibitors (olaparib, niraparib) and anti-angiogenic agents (bevacizumab) internationally. Since 2011, he has obtained >$36.9M in peer-reviewed funding and has published >180 articles (all types) in journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine (IF=53); Lancet Oncology (IF=16), and the Journal of Clinical Oncology (IF=16.4).

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Co-director, Robert and Maggie Bras and Family Drug Development Program​
Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
Head, Department of Medical Oncology & Hematology