Alejandro Berlin, MSc, MD

Dr. Berlin's clinical practice research focuses on the characterization of genitourinary malignancies with molecular and MR imaging, and novel applications of curative approaches combining systemic, stereotactic radiotherapy and MR-guided brachytherapy treatments. He is particularly interested in the design of innovative clinical trials and the discovery of biomarkers using high-throughput genomics, with the overarching goal of obtaining robust and validated genomic- and image-based biomarkers that may ultimately translate in novel individualized treatments for patients with prostate cancer. Throughout these endeavours, he embraces every opportunity for transdisciplinary collaborations, hoping to contribute by leveraging his clinical and research training acumen. He has been fortunate to lead the clinical deployment of several novel technologies, including PM virtual care efforts, a unique pilot deploying an in-house developed e-platform to support a new model of care (i.e., asynchronous visits) for prostate cancer survivors, and the application of artificial intelligence-based methods for curative-intent radiotherapy planning.

For a list of Dr. Berlin's publications, please visit PubMed, Scopus or ORCID.