The Krembil Newsletter

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Learn about the latest news and research advancements from the Krembil Research Institute.

Welcome to the latest issue of The Krembil.

The Krembil is the official newsletter of the Krembil Research Institute (formerly the Toronto Western Research Institute). Research at Krembil is focused on finding innovative treatments and cures for chronic debilitating disorders, including arthritis and diseases of the brain and eyes.

Stories in this month’s issue include:

Canada-Germany Research Partnership: Introducing the Max Planck–University of Toronto Centre for Neural Science and Technology.

Embracing Emotions: Krembil celebrated Mental Health Week with online resources to promote emotional well-being.

Taking the High Road: Study settles the dispute over whether low dose steroids are effective for lupus nephritis.

An Eye for Innovative Treatments: Customized prosthetic device improves vision in individuals with corneal conditions.

Snowflakes All the Way Down: A rare look at living human brain tissue reveals a high degree of cellular diversity.

More Power to You: Study finds that the Manage My Pain app can engage and empower patients towards better health.

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