Cancer Research Funding Opportunity

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Application call for innovative and high-impact projects focused on early detection of cancer.
Posted On: May 10, 2023

Researchers at UHN are invited to apply to The Agnico Eagle Early Detection Grand Challenge. This opportunity supports bold, innovative and high-impact projects focused on detecting cancer at its initial stages.

Grand Challenges are open to applicants from all UHN campuses, across all disciplines.

The winning application will be provided with a budget of up to $500,000.

Registration is due on Monday, July 17, 2023 at 5pm EST. To register, please download and submit a completed Registration Form [direct download to browser] to

Full applications are due on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 5pm EST, sent via email to as a single PDF (all documents).  Late applications will not be accepted.


See below for detailed application information:

Key Criteria: Projects should be bold but "shovel ready", with well-defined milestones, a realistic endpoint, and clear patient impact achievable within an 18 month time period and sustainable thereafter. Projects can be of any nature, including, but not restricted to: research, practice change, outreach, education, supportive care, technology, increased testing, alternate procedures, etc. Areas of focus that are encouraged include surgical aspects of cancer early detection, clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP), imaging or pathology. The successful project will lead to a sustainable increase in early detection, cancer prevention, high-risk screening or curative intervention.

Favorable Criteria:
●   Projects which have built meaningful and strong partnerships between scientists and clinicians, involve multi-disciplinary teams, and include external partners where relevant (especially those in which available matching funds are applied to increase impact).
●   Projects involving early career investigators (within 10 years of their PM appointment), allied health professionals and teams comprised of diverse members consistent with UHN’s commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Anti-Racism.
●   Projects that leverage existing funding (e.g. designated funding from The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, grants, industry collaborations, etc.)


●   Funding will be assigned based on the scale, timelines and projected impact, and will be negotiated with successful applicants.
●   Projects with a proposed budget up to $500,000 will be considered, with a timeline not to exceed 18 months.
●   Funding will be a one-time, non-renewable grant. Please take into consideration the 10% support service fee that is applied to all research funding grants under $5M. For more details please visit: Full Costs of Research 
●   Funds will expire after 18 months with carry forward generally not allowed.


●   Applicants from all UHN campuses are eligible to apply.
●   Applicants can be the nominated lead in only one (1) Grand Challenge application.
●   At least one of the principal applicants must have a faculty appointment as a clinician or scientist, or relevant professional practice at UHN.

Full Application Components

●   Project proposal: two (2) pages that address the project, team, and deliverable. Must be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced with 0.75 inch margins.
●   References: append these in a separate document
●   Figures: a maximum of two (2) pages
●   Budget: detailed budget items should appended, along with justifications
●   Registration form: resubmit this form with any updates (e.g. additional investigators)

Note: selected applications may be invited to submit a longer written proposal and/or make an oral presentation.

If you have any questions about funding details, eligibility, or the application process, please contact