University Health Network (UHN) invites applications for nomination to a Canada Research Chair (CRC) from all applicants that hold a full-time research appointment at one of UHN’s research institutes. Individuals who have a firm offer of employment to UHN that takes effect by July 1, 2022, are also eligible to apply. We anticipate that this will result in the selection of up to 11 candidates for CRC nominations (five Tier 1 Chairs and six Tier 2 Chairs). 
To address the underrepresentation of members of equity-deserving groups among our Chairholders, this initiative follows the provisions for a special program as described by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. This opportunity is open only to exceptionally qualified individuals who self-identify as members of one or more of the four federally designated groups: women, racialized minorities/persons of colour, persons with a disability, or Indigenous Peoples. The identification of outstanding candidates from these designated groups is central to UHN’s mission and its pursuit of excellence and equity, as well as to its capacity to fulfill the objectives of the CRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.
The adjudication of application materials and the identification of successful candidates will be determined by research institute committees. The final selection of top candidates will be decided following discussions with the Executive Vice President, Science and Research, CRC Equity Officer and research institute directors. UHN will solicit proposals from applicants for new or vacant chairs, within two years of the targeted date for submission of the application to the CRC secretariat.
Tier 1 chairs are for outstanding established scholars. To meet the criteria of the program, nominees must be outstanding and innovative world-class researchers whose accomplishments have made a major impact in their fields; be recognized internationally as leaders in their fields; have superior records of attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (taking into account different practices in the relevant field or discipline) and, as Chairholders, be expected to attract, develop and retain excellent trainees, students and future researchers; and be proposing an original, innovative research program of the highest quality.
Tier 2 chairs are for emerging scholars, and the successful nominee should be within ten years of receiving their PhD [or Highest Degree]. To meet the criteria of the program, nominees must be excellent emerging world-class researchers who have demonstrated particular research creativity; have demonstrated the potential to achieve international recognition in their fields in the next five to ten years; as Chairholders, have the potential to attract, develop and retain excellent trainees, students and future researchers; and be proposing an original, innovative research program of high quality.
Applicants who are more than 10 years from having earned their highest degree (and where career breaks exist, such as maternity, parental or extended sick leave, clinical training, etc.) may have their eligibility for a Tier 2 chair assessed through the program’s Tier 2 justification process.
Applications should include:
1) a two-page research proposal describing research plans for the position and highlighting the major themes of research to be completed over the next five (Tier 2) or seven (Tier 1) years;
2) a complete curriculum vitae (CV) that includes all eligible career interruptions and other circumstances that may have affected research productivity. If you are applying to a Tier 2 opportunity and are more than ten years from having earned your highest degree, please include an explanation of why you feel you qualify for a justification, as described in the link above; and
3) a half-page description on how the applicant will increase inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility within the institutional environment and/or in their curriculum/research.
UHN recognizes that scholars have varying career paths and that career interruptions due to personal circumstances can be part of an excellent academic record. Nomination committee members have been instructed to give careful consideration to, and be sensitive to the impact of, career interruptions in their assessments.
UHN is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from women, visible minorities, Indigenous persons, persons with a disability and others who may contribute to diversity within our organization.
UHN is a respectful, caring and inclusive workplace. We are committed to championing accessibility and equal opportunity. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the recruitment process, providing the applicant has met the bona fide requirements for the open position. Applicants can make their request for accommodations known once they are contacted.
For more information about this specific CRC opportunity, please contact Helen Chan, Director, Research Strategy at
For further information about the federally endowed Canada Research Chairs Program, including eligibility and assessment criteria, please consult the Canada Research Chairs website.
For questions regarding the CRC nomination process at the University of Toronto and affiliated hospitals, contact Judith Chadwick, Assistant Vice-President, Research Services, at, or visit the University of Toronto's CRC web page.
All applicants to this CRC opportunity are required to self-identify. Self-identification data is important to UHN’s ability to accurately respond to equity targets set by the CRC Program. Because this is a special opportunity for members of the four federally designated equity groups, applicants will be asked separately to provide their consent to use their self-identification information for the purposes of screening and consideration. Please note that this information will be securely accessed only by members of a central selection committee and, for nominees selected, by a Human Resource Diversity Officer, on a need-to-know basis and will otherwise be kept confidential.
To apply, please visit the UHN Careers website and apply through Posting #881959
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Tuesday, August 10, 2021