Cancer Biology and Imaging

Built on the long tradition of exemplary research expertise, PM Cancer Centre's Cancer Biology and Imaging multidisciplinary program is committed to themes in cell, molecular and mechanistic biology of cancer, molecular pathology, personalized molecular cancer imaging and cancer models. The collaborative nature of the program aims for transforming discoveries and rapid translation through scientific innovation, research integration and clinical implementation.


Scientist, Senior Scientist, Clincian Scientist 

Harding, Shane (Chair)

Ailles, Laurie

DaCosta, Ralph

Done, Susan

Hakem, Razq

Irish, Jonathan

Kirsch, David

Koritzinsky, Marianne

Lilge, Lothar

Liu, Fei-Fei

Lok, Benjamin

Rottapel, Robert

Stambolic, Vuk

Trudel, Suzanne

Vitkin, Alex

Wilson, Brian C

Wouters, Bradly

Zheng, Gang


Affliate Scientist 

Zacksenhaus, Eldad


Adjunct Scientist 

Nixon, Kevin

Salmena, Leonardo


Emeritus Scientist 

Boyd, Norman

Hedley, David

Rauth, Mike


Staff Scientist

Jonkman, James