Ivan W T Yeung , PhD

Currently, I have two research foci:
  1. We are developing functional CT (fCT) techniques and models in quantifying tumor microenvironment with the goal of applying biologic parameters for cancer treatment. In particular, we are conducting experiments in rodent tumor models to verify a novel fCT tecnique we published for measuring vascular complexity of tumors. The animals are subject to anti-angiogenic and/ or anti-vascular therapy followed by fCT measurement. The fCT parameters will be compared with morphometric analysis of tissue sections of the same tumors. Validation of this model would imply a novel imaging method of measuring the surrogate of vascular morphology that might be used for biologically targeted therapy.
  2. Another active project is on image guided threapy in Brachytherapy. Specially, we are investigating the use of Cone-Bean CT (CBCT) technology intraoperatively for permanent seed implant of the prostate. By incorporating CBCT and 3-D ultrasound imaging, we are exploring ways to image implanted seeds and the prostate during implantation so that the system will provide dosimetric update during the procedure. Also, we are currently conducting a a patient study to investigate the mechanism of dynamics of implanted seeds and prostate post implantation. Our goal is to exploit imaging technology and understanding of implanted prostate dynamics to optimize prostate seed brachytherapy.

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Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto
Radiation Physicist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre