Lena Serghides, PhD


Dr. Serghides's research program focuses on investigating HIV drug toxicity in pregnancy and the long-term effects of in utero exposure to HIV drug on infant health. The goal is to optimize maternal and infant health in the face of HIV infection, discover the best and safest HIV drugs to use in pregnancy, and understand the mechanisms that underlie adverse pregnancy and offspring health outcomes, so that clinically useful interventions and diagnostic biomarkers can be developed. Her current projects focus on understanding how HIV medications alter the in utero environment, including early placentation, hormone homeostasis and lipidomic profiles: Dr. Serghides is examining how the altered in utero environment influences brain development in HIV-exposed uninfected children; longitudinal neurocognitive performance is tracked using a multitude of tests and brain development is tracked using MRI. She is also collaborating with experts from UCL to investigate the fetal toxicity of dolutegravir (an HIV medication linked to neural tube defects) and other drugs in the same class. The team's findings were considered in WHO's 2019 treatment recommendations.

For a list of Dr. Serghides's publications, please visit PubMed, Scopus or ORCID.