James C L Chow, PhD

As a Medical Physicist, my research is on radiation dosimetry, treatment planning and patient communication. I use advanced computer methods to develop precise and accurate dose delivery process in radiation oncology. These include using Monte Carlo method to predict radiation dosimetry in radiotherapy, big data analytics to evaluate radiation treatment plan, and AI/machine learning to create chatbot for radiotherapy knowledge transfer to the patients. I am keenly interested in helping cancer patients to receive fast, safe, and high-quality radiation treatment, taking advantage of recent advances in computer technology.

  1. Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Nanoparticle dosimetry 
    • Small animal treatment planning 
    • Heterogeneity correction 
    • Skin and bone dose 
    • Radiation-induced DNA damage 
    • Healthcare system 
  2. Treatment Planning
    • Big data and cloud computing 
    • Machine learning application in plan QA 
    • Prostate IMRT and VMAT 
    • Dose-volume histogram modeling 
    • Radiobiological characterization 
  3. Experimental Dosimetry
    • MLC dosimetry 
    • MLC leaf sequencing algorithm 
    • Surface dosimetry 
    •  Flattening-filter-free radiation beam
  4. Imaging
    • Image deformation algorithm 
    • 4D imaging 
    • Dose and voxel tracking 
    • IGRT and kV-CBCT 
  5. Health Care
    • AI-assisted schedule system for on-call program 
    • Chatbot for knowledge transfer and education 

For a list of Dr. Chow's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.

Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto
Associate Member, Temerty Centre for AI Research and Education in Medicine, University of Toronto 
Medical Physicist, Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre