Andras Fecso

Dr. Andras B. Fecso completed his medical training at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania. He completed his postgraduate training in general surgery and PhD in surgical education at the University of Toronto. His fellowship training included minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at University Health Network and therapeutic endoscopy at St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. Fecso’s clinical practice focuses on minimally invasive foregut surgery, therapeutic endoscopy, and increasing the synergy between surgery and endoscopy. His academic and research interest is in education, focusing on deliberate practice and coaching in the operating room and endoscopy unit, and innovation in surgical and bariatric endoscopy.

Education, coaching, deliberate practice, innovation, simulation, technology

For a list of Dr. Fecso's publications, please visit PubMed, Scopus or ORCID.

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto