Anand Ghanekar, PhD, MD, FRCSC

My lab is interested in studying the pathobiology of liver cancer. We are investigating the role of molecular pathways important in stem cells in the development and progression of human liver cancer. We are also investigating how gene expression analysis of the primary tumour and tumour DNA that is circulating in the bloodstream can be used to predict clinical outcomes in patients with liver cancer. We are also interested in using pluripotent stem cells to model the development of bile ducts in a cell culture dish, so that we can better understand the pathobiology of human biliary diseases.

For a list of Dr. Ghanekar's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.

Attending Staff Surgeon, Division of General Surgery & Multi-Organ Transplant Program, Toronto General Hospital and Hospital for Sick Children
Lecturer, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto