Science in the 6ix

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Recent public event that put research across UHN in the spotlight.
Posted On: October 16, 2019
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Presenters at the inaugural ‘Science in the 6ix’ event (L to R): Jimmy Qiu (TECHNA), Dr. Nicole Woods (The Institute for Education Research), Dr. Taufik Valiante (Krembil Research Institute), Dr. Stephanie Protze (McEwen Stem Cell Institute), Dr. Bastien Moineau (KITE Research Institute), Dr. Beate Sander (Toronto General Hospital Research Institute), and Dr. Shane Harding (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre).

‘Science in the 6ix: Spotlight on UHN Research’ is a TED Talk-style event designed to educate and engage the public about the advanced research happening at the University Health Network (UHN) and the far-reaching impact of this work. The Krembil Research Institute organized and hosted this event.

The inaugural Science in the 6ix, held on Wednesday October 16, provided a unique opportunity to meet and hear from UHN's trailblazing scientists, who are working on groundbreaking discoveries that will help Canadians live longer, healthier lives.

CBC's Mary Ito served as emcee and veteran journalist André Picard delivered a keynote lecture on why science needs to be a priority on the political agenda.

Research topics that were covered include:
•  Stem cells as a biological alternative to cardiac pacemakers
•  Smart clothing that helps patients who survived a stroke with mobility issues
•  Combining cancer treatments to improve patient outcomes
•  A device implanted in the brain that can stop seizures
•  Computer simulations to evaluate the impact of infectious disease outbreaks
•  Augmented reality tools that assist with surgical precision
•  How transforming medical education can revolutionize patient care

Science in the 6ix was inspired by a similar event held at Krembil in which trainees and staff present a brief and ‘lay-friendly’ overview of their research and its importance to the Krembil community. Given the overwhelming success of the event’s 2019 installment, its organizers—Krembil’s Heather Sherman (Public Affairs) and Carley McPherson (Krembil Directorate)—offered to host a similar event in which researchers from each of UHN’s research institutes presented their work. The organizers opened up Science in the 6ix to the greater community by inviting the media, donors and the 

If you were unable to attend, watch it here: