Notable Scientific Advances of 2015

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Two UHN studies among most notable biomedical research achievements of the past year.
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(L – R) Drs. Daniel De Carvalho and Senthil Muthuswamy.
Every December, the editors of Nature Medicine—a prestigious and widely read journal—publish a list of the most notable achievements in biomedical research. In 2015, two studies published by UHN researchers were among those mentioned. One study, led by PM Scientist Dr. Daniel De Carvalho, revealed a new treatment strategy for cancer in which the immune system is tricked into seeing cancer cells as an infection that needs to be eliminated. Another study, led by PM Senior Scientist, Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy, developed a new model of pancreatic cancer using patient tumour cells that could be used to identify effective drug regimens that are specific to each patient. Both studies strongly align with PM Cancer Centre’s overarching goal of advancing research and patient care in personalized cancer medicine. To view Nature Medicine’s complete list of notable advances made in 2015, click here.