Genetics and Epigenetics

The Genetics and Epigenetics Program focuses on the fundamental genetic, epigenetic, and genomic mechanisms underlying cancer development, progression, and treatment, with the aim of translating basic research discoveries and new technologies into clinical application. The goals of this program are to align and synergize research within the team, facilitate collaborations between basic research and clinical groups, build genetic and epigenetic platforms and resources, and prepare the team for internal and external grant applications.


Scientist, Senior Scientist, Clinician Scientist 

Lupien, Mathieu (chair)

Bratman, Scott

Cescon, David

De Carvalho, Daniel

He, Housheng (Hansen)

Kim, Raymond

Kridel, Robert

Nguyen, Long

Notta, Faiyaz

Oza, Amit

Penn, Linda

Shepherd, Frances

Siu, Lillian

Stewart, Keith

Tsao, Ming-Sound

Zadeh, Gelareh


Assistant Scientist

Bunda, Severa


Affiliate Scientist

Chen, Eric (Xueyu)

Li, Bowen

Moghal, Nadeem


Affiliate Scientist

Zeng, Yong


Staff Scientist

Ketela, Troy

Orouji, Elias 


Clinical Champion 

Berman, Hal

Fleshner, Neil

Gallinger, Steven

van der Kwast, Theo