Troy Ketela, PhD

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Dr. Ketela is a Staff Scientist II at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. He leads the Princess Margaret Genomics Centreā€”a UHN core lab dedicated to supporting cutting-edge genomics technologies for research samples. Dr. Ketela completed his doctoral work in genetics at McGill University. He then went to an NSERC Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship-funded position at Mycota BioSciences (acquired by Merck Frosst) followed by a Scientist position at Infinity Pharmaceuticals where he focused on oncology drug discovery and development. Starting in 2008, he held Senior Research Associate and Group Leader positions at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research respectively. Dr. Ketela joined the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in 2015 and in late 2018, became the Head of Operations at the Princess Margaret Genomics Centre.

Dr. Ketela collaborates with many scientists on projects involving cancer and genomics technology testing and development. He also has a deep interest in target and drug discovery stemming from his prior work in that commercial space.

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Manager, Princess Margaret Genomics Centre, UHN