Dr. Nguyen completed his PhD in Experimental Medicine at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Connie Eaves on the topic of normal and malignant mammary stem cell biology. He completed his residency training in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology at the University of Toronto. He then pursued a clinical/research postdoctoral fellowship in functional breast cancer genomics with Dr. Carlos Caldas at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Dr. Nguyen received a Translational Research Fellowship from the European Society for Medical Oncology and a Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. Nguyen’s clinical practice is focused on treating patients with breast cancer. His laboratory research focuses on studying clonal heterogeneity in human breast cancer using cell lines and patient-derived xenograft models to understand how rare malignant clones contribute to disease progression and treatment resistance. This is achieved by studying clonal dynamics under selective treatment pressures, applying single cell analysis to study the transcriptional plasticity of malignant clones, and developing new targeted treatment strategies against these aggressive clones.

For a list of Dr. Nguyen's publications, please visit PubMed or ORCID.

Staff Medical Oncologist, Breast Site Group, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre