Lyanne C Schlichter, PhD

  • Neuroimmunology
    • Expression and roles of potassium and chloride channels in activation of immune cells of the central nervous system (microglia)
    • New approaches to controlling immune-cell activation
    • Modifying the outcome of stroke and neurotrauma by controlling inflammation in the central nervous system
  • Ion-channel regulation
    • Biophysical properties and molecular regulation of ion channels in neuroimmune cells (microglia, T lymphocytes)
    • Modulation of ion channels in immune cells by protein kinases and phosphatases
    • Regulation of expression, trafficking and subcellular targeting of potassium channels
    • Signal-transduction complexes and HERG K+ channels: channel regulation, receptor-mediated signaling
  • Cancer
    • Expression and roles of HERG potassium channels in leukemia and lymphoma cells

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Professor, Dept. of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto