Stem Cells

The focus of the Stem Cell Program is the functional interrogation of normal and malignant stem cells at both the clonal and molecular level. Our strategy being to identify genetic and non-genetic drivers that maintain cancer cells in a stem-cell state and thereby sustain tumour growth. The overaching goal of the stem cell program is to translate our discoveries into novel therapeutic strategies designed to target cancer stem cells and as a result improve outcomes for cancer patients.


Scientist, Senior Scientist, Clinician Scientist

O'Brien, Catherine Adell (Chair)

Chan, Steven

Dick, John E

Hope, Kristin

Iscove, Norman N

Jones, Courtney

Keller, Gordon

Khokha, Rama

Schimmer, Aaron D

Tiedemann, Rodger

Tikhonova, Anastasia

Wang, Jean C.Y.


Affiliate Scientist

Lechman, Eric R

Xie, Stephanie