Organizational Structure

UHN Research is governed according to the chart below:

UHN Research Org Chart

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Research Committee to the Board of Trustees

The Research Committee, an advisory committee to the UHN Board of Trustees, is responsible for monitoring and evaluating UHN’s discovery, translational and clinical research enterprise and making recommendations to the Board as it may consider appropriate to increase the effectiveness of the research agenda at UHN.

The Committee comprises the following members:

Independent Trustees (Voting)    

  • Lawrence Pentland (Chair)
  • Janet Rossant
  • Barbara Stymiest

U of T Appointee (Voting)

  • Trevor Young

Ex-officio Trustees (Voting)    

  • Joy Richards
  • Kevin Smith

Others (Voting)    

  • Janet Bannister
  • Sean Boyd
  • Tom Erlich
  • Alan Menkes
  • John O'Grady

Ex-officio (Non-Voting)  

  • Darlene Dasent
  • John Granton
  • Brian Hodges
  • Bradly Wouters
International Research Advisory Board

UHN's International Research Advisory Board brings together internationally recognized scientists who are experts in high-impact areas to meet with UHN Research leadership and to advise on Research policy, governance and management.

The Board includes the following world-renowned scientists:

Samuel Weiss, PhD (Chair)

  • Professor, Departments of Cell Biology & Anatomy and Physiology & Pharmacology, University of Calgary
  • Inaugural Director, Hotchkiss Brain Institute


Philip E Branton, OC, PhD, FRSC

  • Gilman Cheney Professor, Departments of Biochemistry and Oncology and the Goodman Cancer Centre, McGill University


Thomas Rockwell Mackie, PhD    

  • Professor Emeritus, Medical Physics and Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin
  • Director, Medical Devices Focus Area, Morgridge Institute for Research

Lynne Warner Stevenson, MD    

  • Director, Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Program, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Professor, Harvard Medical School

John E Wennberg, MD, MPH    

  • Active Professor Emeritus of Community & Family Medicine, Peggy Y Thomson Professor Emeritus in Evaluative Clinical Sciences and Director Emeritus and Founder, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
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Organizational Structure

UHN Research is governed according to the chart below:

UHN Research Org Chart