Research Committee Board of Trustees

The Research Committee, an advisory committee to the UHN Board of Trustees, is responsible for monitoring and evaluating UHN’s discovery, translational and clinical Research Enterprise and making recommendations to the Board as it may consider appropriate from time to time to increase the effectiveness of the Research Enterprise.

The Committee comprises the following members:

Independent Trustees (Voting)    

  • Robert Krembil (Chair)
  • John Mulvihill
  • Barbara Stymiest
  • Ken Rotman

Ex-officio Trustees (Voting)    

  • Peter Pisters
  • Joy Richards
  • Kathryn Nichol

Other (Voting)    

  • Marc Milgrom
  • Stephen Bear
  • Mark Krembil
  • Lawrence Pentland
  • Linda Mezon

Ex-officio (Non-Voting)  

  • Bradly Wouters
  • Justine Jackson
  • John Granton