New Arthritis Research Director

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Krembil Senior Scientist Dr. Mohit Kapoor has been named the Research Director for Arthritis.
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Dr. Kapoor (above) has an accomplished research program aimed at understanding how osteoarthritis progresses, identifying new biological markers to support osteoarthritis diagnosis and disease tracking, and developing novel therapeutic strategies to counteract joint destruction.

The Krembil Research Institute has embarked on a mission to achieve operational excellence, and focus and augment research activity. As part of this endeavour, Krembil Senior Scientist Dr. Mohit Kapoor has been named as the inaugural Research Director for the arthritis research group.

The mission began with the merging of vision research and clinical programs into one institute, the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute, under the combined leadership of Co-Directors, Drs. Valerie Wallace and Robert Devenyi.  This collaborative effort has already resulted in renewed direction for the vision science research group at Krembil. The next step is to establish research priorities for the arthritis research group.

“It is essential that we establish research priorities that position us for the future,” says Krembil Director Dr. Donald Weaver. “Building harmony between our fundamental and clinical science pursuits will foster collaboration amongst the various medical and surgical disciplines, leading to novel and important research questions, and facilitating the transfer of basic research advancements into clinical practice.” 

As part of his new role, Dr. Kapoor has been charged with the task of developing a harmonized strategic research plan (SRP) that will set the arthritis research group’s direction for the next five years, while laying the groundwork for its continued success beyond the next five years. In addition, Dr. Kapoor will be working with the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation to help align fundraising priorities with the SRP. 

In developing the SRP, Dr. Kapoor will begin an open consultation process with Division Heads, Drs. Aileen Davis (Healthcare Outcomes and Research) and James Eubanks (Genetics & Development); other members of the Krembil Research Council; arthritis research group members, who have active research programs in ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, pain, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other bone, muscle and joint diseases; and clinical leaders.

“The practice of building and implementing a new research plan is an important one,” stresses Dr. Kapoor. “It provides a framework for what we are trying to build, a world leading biomedical research institute, and reinforces why we are building it—to discover cures and improve our patients’ quality of life.”