Mental Health Matters

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Krembil gets people talking and thinking about mental health on Bell Let’s Talk Day.
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Dr. Taufik Valiante and his trainees (pictured here) are taking a ‘brain break’ to do some mindfulness colouring on Bell Let’s Talk Day at Krembil.
Mental illness is more common than most people think. By the age of 40, 50% of Canadians will have—or have had—a mental illness.
On January 29, Canada celebrated Bell Let’s Talk Day, which aims to raise awareness of mental illness. 
Krembil hosted a variety of events to recognize the importance of the day and promote mental health and well-being in its community. The events included:
  • ‘brain breaks’ where participants could take a short break from their busy days to enjoy coffee, good conversation, a gratitude tree, mindfulness colouring and the Wellness Centre’s Wellness Wagon;
  • a talk delivered by a wellness ambassador about the importance of maintaining work-life balance and managing work-related stress; and
  • a brief introduction to sitting meditation, a tool to improve focus and enhance feelings of well-being.
Bell Let’s Talk Day is an annual campaign to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness by promoting awareness, understanding and acceptance. Since being launched in 2010, the campaign has raised over $100 million to support mental health initiatives.
Thank you to Carley McPherson for playing a leading role in organizing Krembil’s events, and to all those who participated in and supported Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020.