Launch of New Research Institute

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UHN’s seventh research institute focuses on research in health care education.
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(Left to right): Institute Director Dr. Brian Hodges, Scientific Director Dr. Nikki Woods and Applied Research Director Dr. Ann Russell speak at the launch event on September 12, 2019.

On September 12, 2019, the research and education communities celebrated the launch of The Institute for Education Research (TIER) at UHN.

TIER is UHN’s seventh research institute, and it will focus on research with a significant impact on health science professions. Led by Institute Director Dr. Brian Hodges, Applied Research Director Dr. Ann Russell and Scientific Director Dr. Nikki Woods, TIER’s faculty will focus on three main themes: 1) Technology, Innovation and Simulation; 2) Societies, Systems and Structures; 3) and Teaching, Learning and Practice.

“We’re excited about the expansion of UHN Research with TIER and the unique focus on education research” says Dr. Brad Wouters, Executive Vice President, Science and Research. “It brings a new focus to our research ecosystem, while complementing our existing strengths. It sits at the intersection of care, education and research—the convergence of which are key elements to UHN’s corporate, research and education strategic plans.”

Dr. Hodges, who is also UHN’s Executive Vice President, Education, adds, “UHN is the ideal environment in which to develop new models of learning for health care through research and innovation. I can’t wait to hear more about the tremendous collaborative opportunities across UHN and the new research culture that will inspire the next generation of researchers, educators and care givers.”

TIER will focus on education research, with emphasis on the relation between quality education and quality care. Its future-oriented vision, and its integrated and inclusive approach to fostering collaboration will be key factors in its success.

During the launch event, Dr. Russell commented, “Achieving our vision of leading the world in transforming health care education through experimentation, creativity and curiosity will take time and an unwavering commitment.” But this is a commitment the co-directors are prepared—and eager—to make. Dr. Woods agreed, “There are incredible ideas across the education research community and TIER will give us a chance to bring them to life. Education research plays an important role within the complex structures of our health care system and the care providers of tomorrow are counting on us to deliver meaningful changes to the way we educate.”

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