New Interim TGHRI Director

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Clinician-scientist Dr. Myron Cybulsky is the Interim Director for TGHRI.
UHN would like to welcome Dr. Myron Cybulsky, staff pathologist in the Laboratory Medicine Program and Senior Scientist at TGHRI, as TGHRI’s new Interim Director (effective February 18, 2020).
Dr. Cybulsky is an internationally renowned cardiovascular researcher. His research program focuses on the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying atherosclerosis—the accumulation of lipids in the cells lining blood vessels—which is a major contributing factor to heart disease and stroke. A few of his team's most significant contributions include providing the first molecular evidence of endothelial cell activation and the expression of the leukocyte adhesion molecule VCAM-1 during atherosclerosis; laying the foundation for targeting monocyte recruitment and elucidating fundamental molecular mechanisms relevant to monocyte recruitment during the disease; and being the first to identify dendritic cells residing in the inner lining of normal arteries in regions predisposed to atherosclerosis. He has maintained a high level of peer-reviewed funding throughout his independent career from prominent funding agencies such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and he is currently a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Arterial Wall Biology and Atherogenesis.
Dr. Cybulsky received his Medical Degree in 1982 from the University of Toronto and completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology. His research training included quantification of acute inflammation and investigation of relevant mediators with Dr. Henry Movat at the University of Toronto and a research fellowship in vascular biology with Dr. Michael Gimbrone Jr., at Harvard Medical School.  From 1991, he was a member of the faculty in the Departments of Pathology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he ran a NIH-funded basic research laboratory.  In 1996, Dr. Cybulsky was recruited to the University Health Network and University of Toronto.
Since 2012, Dr. Cybulsky has served as the TGHRI’s Division Head, Advanced Diagnostics. In this role, he has helped to recruit and mentor some of the next generation’s best and brightest scientists.