Mayilee Canizares

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2016 Epidemiology Congress of the Americas, June 21-24, 2016, Miami, FL
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Mayilee Canizares, PhD Candidate Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Badley, Krembil
Abstract Title: Lifecourse Trajectories of Multimorbidity in Canada: Birth Cohort Differences and Predictors

Conference Highlight: The Epidemiology Congress is the leading conference in the Americas for those working in all disciplines of epidemiological research and practice, as well as policy makers interested in improving population health.

Conference Article: The 2016 Epidemiology Congress of the Americas enabled researchers to present the findings of their empirical and methodological studies on a wide variety of subjects including: the effect of the aging population on social and health services; the shifts in population health related to reduced mortality; and the effects of migration, social inequalities and changes in socioeconomic indicators and lifestyles on population health. Many researchers used novel methods to deal with the challenges of conducting population and clinical studies. During the session dedicated to the analysis of aging-related health and risk factors, researchers highlighted the challenges of studying the emerging global epidemic of chronic diseases. They discussed methodological issues including data linkage and cohort studies requiring long follow-up times. In addition, a variety of methods to identify factors which altered rates of birth, disease and death throughout the life course were also discussed. A session on the difficulties of translating research findings into effective policies and programs to prevent or reduce disease incidence provided many intriguing insights. In this session, researchers discussed theoretical frameworks to facilitate knowledge translation from epidemiology to health systems, policy and the public. In other interesting sessions, researchers presented novel methodologies to improve measurement of health outcomes and discussed ethical and practical issues related to the analysis of big data for research and policy makers.