The Krembil Newsletter

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Learn about the latest news and research advancements from the Krembil Research Institute.
Welcome to the latest issue of The Krembil.
The Krembil is the official newsletter of the Krembil Research Institute (formerly the Toronto Western Research Institute). Research at Krembil is focused on finding innovative treatments and cures for chronic debilitating disorders, including arthritis and diseases of the brain and eyes.
Stories in this month’s issue include:
● SCIENCE IN THE 6ix: Recent public event that put research across UHN in the spotlight.
● HOT OFF THE PRESS: Two newly released publications showcase Krembil’s research and achievements.
● A STEP IN A NEW DIRECTION: New Krembil study changes our understanding of how the brain directs the body to walk.
● FINDING THE ROOT CAUSE: Study identifies new type of immune cell in the joints of those with spinal arthritis.
● A SURGERY THAT HELPS PEOPLE SMILE: Study provides new insight into how radiation relieves chronic facial pain.
● A DISEASE WITH A THOUSAND FACES: New study shows that some symptoms of lupus are more likely to occur in groups.
Read these stories here. To read previous issues, see the newsletter archive.