REB General Inquiries
416-581-7849 (18-7849)
NamePositionPhone Number
Therese Biggs
Administrative Assistant416-581-7844 (18-7844)
Vivian Sandoval
Administrative Assistant416-581-7847 (18-7847)


Research Ethics Coordinators & Analysts
NamePositionPhone NumberRole
Lorraine Baladjay
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7846 (18-7846)Board A Lead
Svetlana Tzvetkova
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7845 (18-7845)Board B Lead
Larissa Potanina
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-8143 (18-8143)Board C Lead, Retrospective Biospecimens Studies
and Unanticipated Problems
Noam Ami
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7850 (18-7850)Delegated Lead 
Jasmin Bico-Ponce
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7827 (18-7827) 

Anthony Aqui 

Research Studies Coordinator 416-581-7767 (18-7767) 
Nicholas Phan
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7831 (18-7831) 
Kristina Commisso
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7817 (18-7817) 

Wesley Ghent

Research Studies Coordinator416-581-8591 (18-8591) 
Nadia Reider
Research Studies Coordinator416-581-7848 (18-7848) 
Ralph Pastore
Research Analyst  


NamePositionPhone Number
Paul MacPherson
Director, Grants, Contracts and Ethics Review Services416-581-8573 (18-8573)
Anita Sengar
Manager, REB Operations416-581-7546 (18-7546)
Alexander Karabanow
Manager, Clinical Research Services416-581-7525


REB Chairs & Vice Chairs
NamePositionPhone NumberRole
Dr. Morris Sherman
Chair, Research Ethics Board416-586-4800 (17-8495)Panels A & B: Biomedical
Dr. David Hogg
Chair, Research Ethics Board416-581-7849 (REB Office)Panel C: Oncology
Dr. Connie Marras
Vice-Chair, Research Ethics Board416-603-6422 (13-6422)Panel A: Biomedical

Dr. Jean Wang

Vice-Chair, Research Ethics Board416-581-7849 (REB Office)Panel B: Biomedical

Dr. Eitan Amir

Vice-Chair, Research Ethics Board416-581-7849 (REB Office)Panel C: Oncology