When investigators want to publish their research, often times research tests are ordered alongside clinical tests in EPR. In order to distribute funding within UHN from external organizations such as industry sponsors and grant funding agencies how can we implement a policy, procedure, mandate through EPR, REB, CAPCR...that definitely defines when a test is used for publishing and not for clinical purposes, it is therefore a research test and funding should come from the appropriate resource and not through OHIP?


Its not a straight forward answer. So far, its an honor system that Investigators disclose thru REB application and approval process. Its quite likely that in many instances we under capture what's research vs. standard of care especially since the standards in many clinical situations are not well defined. As part of the clinical optimization process, we can assess ways to manage labs and diagnostic utilization at the unit level so that limited funding for those activities are deployed for appropriate clinical care.

Posted on behalf of Charlie Chan, EVP ​Clinical Programs, Quality and Safety
Thank you for your question.
It should be fairly clear to the lead investigator what is covered through health care funding and what is covered through research funding. Anything beyond standard care should be paid for a research funding source.  Remember that all research at UHN involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the UHN Research Ethics Board prior to commencement.

Christopher Paige, EVP Science and Research