Future medicine is moving towards multidisciplinarity and other integrated approaches. I have been already working on streamlining the flow of patients under evaluation for deep brain stimulation. Future UHN services might be dedicated to:
1. a neuromodulation team, based on the idea of having the figure of the functional neurologist along with the well-recognized figure of the functional neurosurgeon
2. a combined program for the borderzone between movement disorders and epilepsy (e.g. Fasano et al. Neurology 2014;82:2250-1), a pilot project is already in place
3. a program for normal pressure hydrocephalus, a very common disease in the general population, still not sufficiently studied from different perspectives, a pilot project is ongoing at TWH
I'm happy to provide further details if needed.
Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD


Thank you for your question. We are working on crafting a response.