In terms of clinical research, our sponsors are attracted to UHN because of our quality. Clinical trials are becoming more complex, with increasingly rigid timelines. With upcoming cuts eg, decreased slots in medical imaging, there are concerns about how we will maintain our quality of our research studies. 


The senior management team has to have awareness of clinical research. When we make operational changes, we have to look at them through the lens of what is the impact on clinical research. From a management point of view we are going to need to look at how do we protect our ability to do clinical research.
In many cases we have contractual obligations that we want to fulfil. We also have patients who are on trials, many times because they are seeking better care.
That process has to be one where research issues are brought to the table before operational changes are made. A shared team will be looking at this to determine the impact on clinical research and ensure that we maintain our commitment to patients on trials and to investigators who lead those trials.