Being involved in enterprise around the globe we no doubt need to have a commercialization foundation that is successful and that will sustain research. What changes do you envision will need to occur to enable this?


One arm will need to be the development of an optimized technology and commercialization office that is part of UHN.
Other part is we need to develop advanced relationships with industry partners. Our assets are our technologies, our researchers and our clinically annotated data. They desperately need those assets because they don’t have them. We can come to the table and negotiate a shared-risk shared reward partnerships with industry partners where they bring capital or researchers and we create a relationship that creates greater value for both of us.
We also need to recognize that there are other opportunities that we should pursue. We have individual discoveries that create great value for our organization. Sometimes those one in a generation discoveries create great opportunities to fund infrastructure in organizations. We want to be hoping that we will hit the jack pot every now and then and that we can create those opportunities.