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Pamela S Ohashi, FRSC, PhD

Senior Scientist
Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI)

Keywords: immune surveillance, tumor immunity, T cell activation, tolerance, autoimmunity 

Research Interests
My lab has focused on understanding the mechanisms that determine whether T cells are activated or tolerized in vivo. We use a variety of transgenic and gene knock out mouse models to evaluate the molecular pathways that govern T cell fate. In particular, we examine how to promote T cell responses to tissues, with a goal to understand and control autoimmune and anti-tumor immune responses.

Our recent studies have examined novel ways that dendritic cells are programmed to influence T cell function in vivo. In addition we are focused on how the tissue or tumor microenvironment can have a significant impact on T cell responses.

Importantly, my interests have also expanded to establishing an immune therapy platform. My group has developed the ability to grow tumor infiltrating T cells and characterize their properties. We have also coordinated clinical trials and are building towards a comprehensive program in immune therapy.

Additional Appointments

  • Canada Research Chair in Autoimmunity and Tumour Immunity

  • Professor, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Pubmed Publications
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  Pamela S Ohashi
Mailing Address
Primary LAB
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
10th Floor
620 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 2C1

Primary LAB
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
10th Floor Rm. 1030
620 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 2C1


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