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Pamela S Ohashi, PhD, FRSC
Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Keywords: immune surveillance, tumor immunity, T cell activation, tolerance, autoimmunity 

Research Interests
My lab has focused on understanding the mechanisms that determine whether T cells are activated or tolerized in vivo. We use a variety of transgenic and gene knock out mouse models to evaluate the molecular pathways that govern T cell fate. In particular, we examine how to promote T cell responses to tissues, with a goal to understand and control autoimmune and anti-tumor immune responses.

Our recent studies have examined novel ways that dendritic cells are programmed to influence T cell function in vivo. In addition we are focused on how the tissue or tumor microenvironment can have a significant impact on T cell responses.

Importantly, my interests have also expanded to establishing an immune therapy platform. My group has developed the ability to grow tumor infiltrating T cells and characterize their properties. We have also coordinated clinical trials and are building towards a comprehensive program in immune therapy.

Additional Appointments

  • Canada Research Chair in Autoimmunity and Tumour Immunity

  • Professor, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

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  Pamela S Ohashi


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