Valerie Wallace, PhD

Dr. Valerie Wallace obtained her PhD in the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto (UT) and completed postdoctoral studies in developmental neuroscience at University College London. From 1998-2013 she was at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (University of Ottawa) where she was Senior Scientist and Director of the Vision Research Program. A molecular and developmental biologist by training, she is recognized for her work on the role of Hedgehog signalling in neural progenitor proliferation in the central nervous system.

Dr. Wallace joined the Krembil Research Institute in September 2013, where she is Director of Vision Sciences and Chair of the Vision Science Research Program. She holds appointments in the Departments of Opthalmology and Vision Sciences and Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Wallace holds peer-reviewed grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Foundation Fighting Blindness Canada and Brain Canada.
Research in the Wallace lab is focused on the general problem of how cell number and fate are regulated in the developing brain. Unraveling how signalling pathways and genes that control these processes is key to understanding brain function but also important for understanding tumourigenesis and degenerative processes. We use the mammalian retina as a model to address these questions because its development is well characterized and it is a tractable system for experimental manipulation. General approaches in the lab include conditional mouse mutagenesis and primary retinal cell culture.

Our work has identified roles for morphogen signalling in eye patterning and retinal histogenesis. Projects in the lab include the functional analysis of Hedgehog regulated genes in retinal histogensis and Hh-dependent tumorigenesis, elucidation of the mechanisms of Hedgehog protein trafficking in neurons and cell transplantation approaches to restore retinal function.

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Professor, University of Toronto, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology