Stéphanie Lheureux

Stéphanie Lheureux, MD, PhD

Dr. Lheureux is a Clinician Investigator in the Bras Drug Development Program, Staff Medical Oncologist and Gynecology Site Leader at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. She is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Following her Medical Degree and specialization in Medical Oncology (University of Caen, France) she was recruited as an Assistant Professor at the Academic Cancer Center of Caen (Normandy, France), where her practice combined research and clinical care in gynecologic cancers. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Lheureux received her PhD with merit for preclinical evaluation of new targeted therapies and drug resistance mechanisms in ovarian cancer. She worked on new treatment to overcome chemoresistance in ovarian cancer models including an imaging component. Based on her project findings, she designed a phase II clinical trial of with integrated correlatives studies in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer led by GINECO (NCT#02591095), the French arm of the Gynaecologic Cancer InterGroup. While she was actively involved in laboratory research, she continued to improve her clinical skillset by participating in the Young Investigators Group of GINECO. To successfully develop an ovarian cancer focused translational research program, she pursued a Clinical Research Fellowship training in the Bras Drug Development Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre with an emphasis on Gynecologic Medical Oncology (Supervisor: Dr Amit Oza) and early phase clinical trials (Supervisor: Dr Lillian Siu). Dr. Lheureux then completed additional training in early drug development at the Investigational Drug Branch of CTEP at the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Lheureux's clinical and research interests are on integrating translational research in early phase gynecologic cancer clinical trials and incorporating these findings into the clinic in a timely manner. She is a principal investigator or sub-investigator for numerous clinical trials in gynecologic cancers at Princess Margaret, a member of the Gynecologic Cancer InterGroup, and co-investigator on several large scale programs supported by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

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